How to Remain Stylish When Keeping Warm!

The spell of cold weather we are having has reminded me of some pictures I took way back before Spring came along. I took the pictures to demonstrate that it is possible to remain stylish while having to be bundled up when walking dogs!

You have to start with a base layer, long underwear and warm socks. This layer is certainly not the prettiest, but it is vital for keeping warm.


Next comes a sweater and pants. There must be a cute, yet warm, outfit involved. You know, in case you end up needing to take your outer layer off.


Then, the outer layer! I have two variations. One for when it is so cold, I don’t really want to go outside. Then, one for sunnier, yet cold, days.


This wool peacoat has been a life saver! I have never wished that I had a warmer jacket this winter! Sure, I’ve had cold feet, but not a cold bottom. Even though this hat does have little holes in it, it is actually pretty warm. Plus, it is nice to have a neutral colored hat. The scarf has a really cool ribbed/ruffled texture, and gives the outfit a bit of a color pop! Finally, the gloves I am wearing. I know I failed to reveal them for the picture, but they are fleece and oh so warm!

DSC_0080 DSC_0082

I really love this coat because of its hood. It is so furry, and creates a bubble around my head when the wind is really blowing! Also, it is nice that it can be cinched at the waist creating more of a shape. I am obsessed with these purple fingerless gloves! Not only do they match my scarf and hat, but they are great for picking up poo.

While these are great outfits, I can’t wait for it to be warm again. Honestly, my body is not made for the cold, even though I have lived in Colorado my entire life.

What do you think, I am I keeping it stylish?



SE Asian Fashion with Sarah

Hey Fashion Kitties!

My friends Sarah and Shea have been on quite the adventure! Last September they left for Thailand (they are even writing the blog Two to Thailand). They have been traveling through SE Asia and I am lucky to have them reporting back to me on the fashion there! Here is their report.

Personal appearance is a big deal in SE Asia and over the last 5 months I’ve been learning to appreciate all that Asian fashion has to offer. Sometimes it seems that Asia is at the forefront of fashion trends, other times it feels like they are dressing in hand-me-down fads that didn’t quite make it. Here are a few of the trends I’m seeing right now: the good, the bad, and the weird.

Platform Shoes

Clunky retro inspired footwear is back! Sandals, platform sneakers, and lots of pleather!

platform shoe 1

platfrom shoe 2


Matching short-suits and rompers

I’ve seen these one pieces back in the states, but here they are everywhere. You can find a matching top and bottom in a wild print at just about any clothing store.




Asian style tip: matching your friend or significant other is just as trendy as matching your pants to your shirt.

matching couple 5

Colors and mismatched patterns galore

Stripes and bananas? Hearts and leopard? The more patterns the better.

patterns 6patterns 7


Really any kind of hat will do. I love the trend of larger brimmed hats in bold colors. Even guys here pull it off. I’m still on the fence though about these boat hats…

hats 8 hats 9

Now for the bad and the weird…

Socks and sandals

The ultimate fashion faux pas! I’m not sure why this is such a common sight in Thailand, but more often than not people wear socks with their flip flops. You’ll find girls dressed to impress down to the ankles then they’ve got on crocks and socks. It’s enough to make any fashionista cringe.

socks 10 11

Tooth Bling

Ready for the strangest trend so far? All over Cambodia I noticed girls with a rhinestone adhered to just one tooth. I finally asked someone why she did it. She told me it was for that little extra sparkle when you smile.

sara-silverman-smiling 12

If you have enjoyed this post, you should check out Two to Thailand! Sarah & Shea are super entertaining!

-XOXO Elise



Holla At Me If You a Bad Bitch

Hey Fashion Kitties!

All of the pole dancing I do often makes me feel like the baddest bitch around! It is such an empowering activity. Not only does it make you feel powerful in the sensual sense, it also makes you feel so strong physically and emotionally. I have been feeling like I need outfits to match my attitude as of late.

Well, I am not sure if there is a collection that will make you feel more like a bad bitch than Dolls Kill’s Ivy Levan-Biscut does!



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Hey Fashion Kitties!

Have you missed me? I sure have missed you! My new pet sitting and dog walking business is going great! I love that the dogs I walk are always so happy to see me. It is a wonderful mood booster for those days that I just wake up feeling so blaaaaahhhhh! In fact, if you are feeling down you really should head over to our Facebook (Pet a Go Go) and Instagram (@petagogo) pages! Scratch that you should check us out no matter your mood because who doesn’t love adorable animal pictures?!

Any ways, my disappearance has been due to getting Pet-a-Go-Go all set up. But, I am back with some Black Milk! I love this company so much! They are always so bold! Continue reading